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Shining Stars (ages walking- 6 years):

Shining Stars

Our Shining Stars class is designed for dancers with exceptionalities, who may require some extra assistance. This class introduces dancers to the basics of movement and music, just like parent & tot and Creative Movement, but with a few adjustments. This 25 minute class is parent assisted, has low-volume music, does not follow the typical dress code, and is every other week. A great class for your little star to shine! (This class is limited to six dancers total.)

Parent and Tot (ages 1-2):

Our Parent and Tot class is designed to introduce your toddler (newly walking to age two), to the basics of movement and music, while encouraging them to be expressive, and develop their gross motor skills. This half-hour class has been created to engage your child, and provides you with an opportunity to learn some fun moves with your toddler!

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Creative Movement (age 3)

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Take the next step from our Parent and Tot classes! Our Creative Movement class is designed for young dancers to participate in an interactive and fun musical movement class, without mom or dad. Children will learn the basics of dance movement and bodily awareness, basic dance terminology, and continue to build on their gross motor development and musicality, all the while using their senses and imagination. The perfect class for those little movers and shakers! 

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Intro to Ballet/ Jazz (age 4)

Our Intro to Ballet/ Jazz class is for children aged four, who are looking for that step in between our Creative Movement and Ballet and/ or Jazz Classes. This class is aimed to provide aspects of a Creative Movement Class, while also focusing on more ballet specific terminology and movements for a portion of the class, and then jazz specific movements for the remaining portion of the class. This class is for the dancer in the making!

Ballet (ages 5+)

Our younger ballet dancers (from age 5+) begin with 45 minute classes teaching them the absolute basics of ballet technique, while still incorporating engaging movement practices. As our dancers grow they are introduced to more complex ballet skills, and longer ballet classes. Some famous ballet dancers include Mikhail Baryshnikov and Misty Copeland. 

Jazz (ages 5+)

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Jazz is a fast-paced dance genre that combines rhythm and theatre-based performance. It was greatly influenced by choreographers like Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse. Jazz also helps to build and refine gross motor skills while maintaining a high energy level. A great class for anyone looking to burn off a little extra energy! 

Tap (ages 5+)

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Tap is a form of dance that allows students to consistently work on their musicality by focusing on rhythm, tempo, and syncopation. Using tap shoes, students get to work on a variety of steps that leads up to intricate footwork. Tap also reinforces teamwork, as group tap dancing requires students to work together to keep their rhythm and timing. If you are interested in tap, get ready to make some noise!

Lyrical & Contemporary (ages 8+)

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Lyrical dance is slower in nature and gives students the ability to be expressive, subtle, and dynamic all while expressing the lyrics of a song through movement. Contemporary dance shares many aspects of lyrical dance, with a strong focus on human movement and expression, as well as the concepts of rise and fall. Contemporary dance encourages dancers to be grounded and use their core muscles as the centre of their movements. Other aspects of contemporary dance include floor work, improvisation, and contact improvisation. Students must be 8 years of age or older. 

Hip Hop (ages 5+)

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Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles generally performed to hip-hop music. It includes a wide range of styles including breaking, locking, and popping, which dance crews have brought to popularity. Hip-hop is a very energetic and up-beat style of dance!

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Tiny Tumblers (ages 3-5)

Tiny Tumblers is a very beginner acro class for young dancers. Tiny Tumblers will work on the most basic and fundamental acro skills, focusing on building strength and confidence. This 45-minute class is a great choice for any little one who likes rolling and being upside down! 

Acro (ages 6+)

Acro is a combination of dance technique, acrobatic balances, and tumbling. Acro helps dancers build fluidity and grace, while at the same time acquiring great amounts of strength and stamina. No gymnastics background required! (We are an Acrobatic Arts certified studio.)

Dance Fundamentals (ages 6+)

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This class is a mandatory class for competitive students. Our dance fundamentals class consists partially of strength and stretch training, jump and turn exercises, and basic dance technique and conditioning exercises to assist in creating well rounded dancers. 

Musical Theatre (ages 8+)

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is the combination of music (singing), acting and dancing. This class is wonderful for growing and developing performance skills.

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