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     Our two daughters, ages 9 and 5, have both attended dance classes since they were young. This is their first year at Arabesque, and it has been the best dance experience thus far for the whole family. 

     Our girls are taking modern, jazz, and ballet, and they have learned so much through Arabesque's hands-on instruction and patient, fun learning experiences. The girl's grandfather commented during their first recital that they seemed to have learned more at this school than anywhere else, and it's true. The recitals are also very well done, the music, costumes, and choreography are quite professional and the girls felt prepared and comfortable on stage, and enjoyed themselves. 

     It's not just the learning and excellent dancing, it's the fun and inclusive environment that Arabesque creates that makes the dance classes so much fun for the girls. Sharon is a great lady who is very friendly and runs the office with a kind and welcoming presence. Erin and Jessica are great with the girls, teaching them, making them smile, and being funny and fun while keeping them on task. 

     Thank you for a positive experience thus far, we hope to have many more to come! 

Justin & Christine Smith

Kingston, ON

When we enrolled our daughter at Arabesque Academy of Dance we hoped she would gain some dance skills and have some fun.  Sharon, Erin, and their team of dance coaches have created a great place of skill development, discipline, exercise, and fun.  Our daughter is in her second session of classes and is a big, big fan of all of the great dance moves and new skills she has developed, and we are delighted to see her practice her moves at home with no prompting.  We look forward to continued sessions

Maura M.

Kingston, ON

I have watched my oldest daughter dance for the last 5 years, loving every minute, but it wasn’t until she started at Arabesque Academy of Dance that she has developed into a dancer. Erin has a way with her students. She helps them with technique, confidence, and her students improve each week. AAD offers birthday parties, two concerts, free trial class for children who are curious of different styles of dance, and much more! Both of my girls dance in two classes, which they patiently wait for each week. Jessica is amazing teaching the little ones! I highly recommend this dance school and could not be happier.

Lauren Smith, Proud Dance Mom

Kingston, ON

I really appreciate everything you ladies do for our kids. For my daughter it fulfills one of her passions. As you probably know she is very musical and very much enjoys singing and dancing, and to be able to do it in a real dance studio and on a real stage just delights her very much. She is already a confident child, but she has become even more confident. More importantly, I believe I see you ladies instilling confidence and a sense of accomplishment for some of the other kids that are definitely the better for it. Whether it is just for pleasure, or the ones that have dreams of taking it further, you ladies help them achieve their goals and put a big smile on their faces. To see their faces light up because they get a chance to prove to themselves that they can do it, or even better they surprise themselves of how good they can really be with lessons and practice, is golden. It really warms the heart. You can tell you ladies love what you do, love the children, and are very attentive to their needs and desires, big or small. I am very glad you chose to open your Dance Studio that definitely stands out from the rest!

Dance Dad

Kingston, Ontario

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