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The following Policies and Procedures are in place to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible service, and so that we can provide consistent service to all of our clients. Arabesque Academy of Dance strives to provide you with a professional and friendly establishment and staff. Please carefully read the following Policies and Procedures to help us maintain that atmosphere. 

1) Studio Atmosphere/ Conduct:

     a) We endeavour to maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere within our dance school. We ask that                 everyone (students and parents alike) be supportive and encouraging of each other. This includes being kind,           courteous and respectful of all students, teachers, staff, and parents inside of the school, as well as outside of         the school.

     b) Try your best in each and every class. If something is challenging, that’s okay! You are here to learn and if             everything was easy, you would not need your wonderful dance instructors!

     c) No food, gum, or drink is permitted inside of the dance studios (water is okay).

     d) We ask that when in the waiting room noise is kept to a minimum; as to help reduce distractions when                 dance classes are in progress.  

     e) All outdoor shoes MUST be left on the mats in the front lobby area. Dirt, rocks, salt, etc., can be brought in,           and subsequently ruins the dance flooring, as well as the dancers clothing and dance shoes.

     f) Do not open the door while a class is in progress, unless a teacher, director, or other staff member has                 acknowledged that it is ok. Opening the door during class is very distracting to the students and teachers.


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​2) Registration:

      a) Registration for our Fall Term ends on October 15th.

      b) Registration for our Winter Term ends on February 15th.

      c) The parent/ guardian who registers the child/children is responsible for the payment of all fees, and any                outstanding balances. When there is a division in the family, the responsibility of payment to Arabesque                    Academy of Dance, lays with the person who has registered the child/ children for classes.


​3) Student Pick-Up/ Drop-Off:

     a) Our teachers are here to give your child the best possible training and of course, to act as your child’s                    supervisor during his or her allotted class time. After the class is completed the instructor has a new                           group of students to supervise, so we ask that you please be on time when coming to pick your child up from          his/her dance class. As well, parents are not to drop students off in their class until the scheduled start time,            or until their instructor has indicated that they can come in. Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting area            if they wish.

     b) Being late to pick up your child/ children will result in a childcare fee of $1/ late minute per child. (Except in           emergency situations).

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4) Attendance and Punctuality:

          We ask that you try your best to be at least 10 minutes early for class to avoid any potential distractions.                   Students who are more than 15 minutes late will be required to observe class. This is in order to                        reduce the risk of any potential injury caused as a result of missing the warm-up. If you arrive late, please                knock on the door and wait for someone to let you in. Attendance is very important as numerous absences              can affect a student’s progress as well as other students in the class, since group dances are choreographed            each term for the recitals (with the exception of parent-and-tot classes). We ask that you please contact the              school if you know ahead of time of any upcoming absence(s).

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5) Dress Code:

          The dress code for each class is listed on our website. Different classes and age levels vary slightly in attire                so please read it carefully. The dress code is mandatory for ALL students. At Arabesque Academy of Dance                we consider it crucial to follow the listed dress code as it allows the teachers to clearly observe the student’s            alignment, and maintains an age appropriate and professional atmosphere throughout the school. We also              ask that no jewelry be worn in class (small stud earrings are fine). Please come into class already dressed in              the proper attire.

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6) Class Placement:

      a) The ages listed for each class serve as a guideline. There may be some circumstances where students are             placed in a different level based on previous dance experience/ ability. Students being placed in a class                      other than the one listed for their age range will be based solely on the discretion of the directors and dance            instructors.

      b) Not all students progress or develop at the same rate. Moving up or down a level will be based solely on the         discretion of the directors.

      c) In the event that you have registered for a class that will no longer run, you will be issued a full refund or                can transfer payment toward another available class.

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​7) Missed Classes/ Make-up Policy:

          We understand that sometimes circumstances or obligations arise that cause a dance class to be missed.                 Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for missed classes/ absences. There will be no make-up classes                    issued as each class works on their own dance routines and set of skills.

8) Cancelled Classes:

         In the event of extreme weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances, or circumstances beyond our                         control, Arabesque Academy of Dance reserves the right to cancel classes. In the case of severe weather                   there will be a notice posted on our social media pages and an e-mail will be sent. No refunds will be given               for cancelled classes. We will do our best to schedule a make-up class. Make-up classes are not guaranteed.  

        In the event of class cancellations because of Holidays, all dancers who miss class due to these cancellations,          are able to makeup their missed class in another class (similar in age and style). These makeup classes must            be scheduled with a director before attending a different class. If cancellations exceed two per registered                  term, then class cost has already been adjusted. 

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9) Safety:

          Students and parents are expected to follow all safety rules:

               a) No students or parents are to enter either dance studio without the supervision/permission of a                            director, teacher, or staff member.

               b) Students are expected to follow safe movement practices as outlined by their teacher. No tricks are to                  be attempted or practiced without the teacher’s supervision/ permission.  

​10) Class Tuition and Payment Plans:

          Please note that a $25 non-refundable registration fee is due upon registration. If a student is returning for a          consecutive session, then the registration fee is $15 upon registration. Tuition is due in full by November                   15th for the Fall Term, and by May 15th for the Winter Term. A deposit will be required at the start of each                  term. The following are the methods of payment that we accept:

               1) Payment in full via credit card, cheque, e-transfer, or cash

               2) Pre-authorized credit card payments (to be processed the 15th of each month)


          For more information on class pricing, please contact the dance school. *Please note: you may only pay via               our instalment plan by using pre-authorized credit via Square*

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11) Refund Policy, Withdrawals & Class Changes:

          Sometimes dancers, and especially new dancers, can get discouraged if they feel like they are not catching               on as quick as some of their peers, or they may feel that dance is not exactly what they expected. It is our job           as directors and dance instructors to try to make each child feel supported, and to ensure them that                         everyone learns at their own pace. With this in mind we ask that parents and children try their class(es) for at           least two weeks/ classes. We understand however, that sometimes dance (or a specific class) is just not for              them. Please refer to the following policies for class withdrawals and changes:

               a) A $75 non- refundable deposit is required to hold a dancer's place in a class/ classes 

               b) 7 days notice is required if a child is withdrawing from class. If there is less than 7 days notice provided,                     you will be charged for the next class

               c) All classes are non-refundable. A credit will be given for the remaining balance, minus the $75                                     non-refundable deposit

               d) A class change fee of $20 will apply if a class change occurs within the same session (ex: switching from                     jazz to ballet within the Fall Session)

                           i) New students will be provided a two week grace period in regards to the class change fee

                           ii) If a student is taking more than one class and drops a class, the $20 class change fee will also                                       apply

               e) Credits are non-transferable

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12) Late Payments, NSF Cheques, Declined Payments or Outstanding Fees:

          a) There will be a charge of $25.00 on all NSF cheques.

          b) Late payments will be subject to a $10 late fee, automatically applied to that month's payment.

          c) Any pre-authorized payment that is declined will be charged a $20.00 administration fee.

          d) An alternate form of payment will be required to make up declined payments of any kind. Payments that              have been declined and subsequently not paid, will be subject to interest at a rate of 0.05% weekly on                        those unpaid fees (including costumes). Any outstanding fees must be paid before being eligible to                            register for the following session.

          e) If a pre-authorized payment is declined, the customer will have 48 hours to make their payment, or the                remaining balance on class tuition will be due in full.

          f) Unfortunately if payments are not received, students will be unable to attend classes until the balance                  has been cleared. 

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13) Performances, Recitals and Costumes:

          a) Arabesque Academy of Dance holds two annual recitals. One in December at the end of the Fall Term, and            one in June at the end of the Winter Term. Each recital requires parents to purchase tickets. The recitals                     are not mandatory, but you must inform us at the beginning of the term if your child will not be                                  participating.  

         b) Fall Term Show: For the Holiday Show, the costumes will be rented from Arabesque Academy of Dance.                   The rental fee is $15/ class. This is to assist in covering costume alteration and cleaning costs. Costumes that           are lost and/ or stolen, or returned damaged, will be subject to a $100 +HST replacement fee. Costumes that           are not returned by the first day of the following dance term, will be deemed lost and will also be subject to a           $100 +HST replacement fee.

         c) Year-End Show: This recital will require that a costume be purchased for each class. Costumes are ordered             from costume companies, and all costumes require a non-refundable $70.00 deposit previous to the order.             The maximum cost of a costume for the year-end show will be $100 + applicable taxes. Costume costs/ fees              are non-refundable.

         d) Since costumes are ordered from a costume company, or are in stock for our Holiday Show, dancer's                      measurements fit into a range and are not custom made to fit each dancer. The costs to alter recital                          costumes are at the cost of the parent/guardian, and must be done through a seamstress approved by                      Arabesque Academy of Dance. 


*If you register past the start date of the session, there will be extra costume fee charges to cover the cost of additional shipping, and there is no guarantee that the exact same costume can be ordered/ will still be available. 

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14) Costume Payment Due Dates:

         Interest will accrue on any accounts not paid by these dates. All tuition must be up to date before receiving              costumes.            

                a) Fall Term costume rental fee is due: October 30th

                b) Year End costume deposit is due: January 25th

                c) Year End final costume balance is due: March 30th


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15) Online Classes and/or Forced Closures

         In the event of a forced closure of the studio of any kind, due to circumstances beyond our control, we                       reserve the right to switch to a virtual format. This means:

                a) We will do our best to maintain our full schedule (meaning the same class day/ time) via an online                          format.

                b) You can opt out of online classes, but will be subject to a $50 withdrawal fee/ child.

                c) Any costumes purchased or ordered for recital are yours and therefore non-refundable.

                d) Any outstanding balances, including but not limited to costume fees and unpaid tuition, are still due.

                e) Tuition costs will remain the same when switching to a virtual format. 

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We will follow any and all  requirements set forth by the federal and provincial governments to ensure the safety of our staff & students, and adjust our policies as needed.


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