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Below is a list of 'Frequently Asked Questions'. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at (613) 305-2263 or by email at

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Why choose dance for your child?

Dance is the perfect opportunity for your child to stay active and gain skills in self-discipline, teamwork, spatial awareness, and an overall love for the arts. Research has shown that dance helps children develop their social skills, increases brain activity, and helps increase memorization capabilities. Not to mention that dance is a great form of exercise, helps children build and refine their gross motor skills, builds interpersonal skills and friendships, and is incredibly fun! 


Why choose Arabesque Academy of Dance?

Arabesque Academy of Dance provides you with a faculty that is not only knowledgeable in the field of dance, but also in the fields of child development, education, and health promotion.  We focus largely on safe movement practices, positive reinforcement, and creating an inclusive atmosphere where children feel comfortable expressing themselves. Arabesque Academy of Dance is the place for you whether you want to compete and train pre-professionally in dance, or whether you are simply looking to have fun! If you are still not sure if dance is for your child, stop in at the studio or contact us today!


What do we wear to dance class?

Information on our dress code can be found in the 'Programs' tab under Dress Code.


When is the dance recital?

At Arabesque Academy of Dance we have two annual performances. The first show is in December at the end of the first term. The second show is in June, and is our year-end performance. The exact dates will be released closer to the shows, with enough time to allow for tickets to be purchased. 


Do you offer any type of discounts?

Arabesque Academy of Dance not only offers a sibling/ multi-class discount, we also offer a convenient payment plan option. For more pricing information, please contact the dance school by either calling (613) 305-2263, or e-mailing us at


Do you have a competitive team?

Yes, we do! Participation on the Arabesque Academy of Dance Competitive Team is at the discretion of the directors and dance instructors. New students are required to do a brief audition to determine readiness. For more information about what being on the competitive team entails, head over to our Competitive Program page, or contact the school to speak with one of our directors directly. 


What types of classes do you offer?

From parent and tot classes to adult classes, we offer a wide range of dance styles to suit your and your child’s needs and interests! Visit the Programs page to see a description of all of the classes that we offer.  


How do I enroll?

You can enroll by heading over to our Registration page, and filling out an online registration form! For more information on class costs and our payment plan option, please contact us by e-mail or phone. 


Can parents observe class?

Arabesque Academy of Dance believes that children will be more likely to reach their full potential when in a class with minimal distractions, and when they can direct the majority of their attention on their dance moves! Sometimes students become uncomfortable with additional eyes watching them during the learning process, and this can cause limitations on a child’s ability to grow and be self-expressive. We have curtains on our viewing windows that teachers typically open for the last 10-minutes of class, as long as doing so does not become a distraction to the dancers. We also have two annual shows where each class has their own dance that they perform. 


What are your class sizes?

We aim to keep our class sizes manageable. This is not only for the teacher to provide individualized feedback, but also so that each child has room to dance their fullest. We cap our class sizes and aim to have assistants in our larger classes to ensure proper supervision and attention. A class minimum must also be met in order for the class to run. 

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