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Read below to see how we are helping to keep our

students, staff, and community safe.

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Have you completed the screening questions today?
(Hold your camera over the QR code & click on the link. Answer the screening questions in the form.)

1. Screening questions will be done electronically, and must be completed for each student, before each class.

2. Students will wait their turn (while maintaining physical distancing) to be called into the studio lobby by a member of the Arabesque Staff. 

3. At this time, parents will wait outside of the studio. If a parent must enter (for any reason), they will be required to wear a mask at all times. 

4. Students will wear a mask when entering the studio, in the lobby, hallway, and when using the restroom.

   a) Students are currently required to wear a mask at all times, including          while dancing. Students will be given mask breaks while in class. 

5. Upon entering the studio, students will receive hand sanitizer, get their temperature checked, and be signed in by a staff member.

6. Each student will receive a sanitized bin for their belongings, and wait on a physically distanced line before entering the dance studio.

7. Each student will have their own physically distanced dance space within the studio. Each dance studio is equipped with an air purifier (with HEPA filters). 

8. At the end of class, students will leave one at a time. Bins will be returned for sanitization, hand sanitizer will be given, and students will be signed out by a staff member 

9. Class times are staggered to allow for sanitization of floors and high touch-point surfaces in between classes, as well as for the purpose of less student traffic and congestion. 

10. Students will still receive great training from professional, fun, friendly & certified adult staff!  

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if you are sick.

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Practice proper HAND HYGIENE.




For even more detailed information,
please read our safe opening

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We are a proud member of Dance Safe, a community of small business owners

dedicated to keeping our staff, students & community safe, by following the

'Dance & Performing Arts Studios Workplace Guidelines for COVID-19'.

(We will be following all guidelines set by the federal, provincial & municipal governments, and will update our COVID-19 policies as required)

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